Poems of the Inner Spark

Hi all,

I have published a new book. It is called, “Poems of the Inner Spark.” It can be found at Amazon.com



And a sample,

Hill City:Image


Sitting at hill lake I see a Loon treading water

I am fishing and catching many fish

I can see my reflection in the lake

There is no sound not one so ever


The boat goes by my sights

I see the sun go down

The Lake becomes mine

I am all alone on the dock during the nights


I start a fire by my the house

I hear cracking noises as the wood breaks

The flame is high while there is no one to complain

No one can hear even my neighbor Jesse Krause


My friends are coming over soon

We will be roasting marshmallows

I will let the fire simmer down to the coals

Here they come just in time to see the full moon


Jonny and David have brought their food

Cassie and Tony have brought their beverages

Sam has brought her little dog

I am really in a terrific mood


Us men are laughing and making jokes

The two women are giggling because they have a secret

Cassie takes Tony to the lake to look at the stars

I toss everyone some of the cokes


Jonny and David have had their fun and are leaving

I sadly say goodbye as they walk away

Sam waves and says goodnight

Cassie says see ya later almost crying


Tony starts to run to the car

The car leaves in a furious path

Cassie throws a can of coke at the a window

Sam says that will leave a scar


Sam and Cassie leave abruptly apologizing for their dismissal

I let them go without even asking a question

They are all gone now

I am hear with food and pop at my disposal


The sun is now coming up

I have had my fun

There is nothing to do but sleep in my bed

Out here all alone will just be this pup








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