Poems of the Inner Spark

I have a new book out called, “Poems of the Inner Spark.” It can be found at Amazon.com





Battle of within:



I am Cellular

With a grin I am spectacular

Arch Nemesis I am

To who you shall ask


I am Nectar

Well whom with are you are raveging

With what I shall seek


I  Alas will say it is to soon

The neither of you shal be

I take till it is mine


Cellular you must take him to his mansion

There you will dethroan him to his people


I will nectar

Your wish is my comand


As Alas I will done with you forever

Thank you for the orange

But it is to little

Too late

This is now mine


What is that smell Cellular

Alas has farted

Go to the white pocelein Alas

Now or you will make a mess


O what a relief

Out goes my brown


Where is Nectar

I will be will you always


Push the silver Alas

Do it now


Bye Nectar

See you in a couple hours buddy


I am Cellular

Nectar is my enemy

I jab will Alas




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