Poems of the Inner Spark

This is a sample of what is in my book.

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Ambiguous Trauma:

If I could do it all over I would.

These things keep popping up as if they should.

I am struggling to see beginning

The ending is never ending



Trudging profusely ever imbedded over a hot stove.

I just want to be lying underneath a beautiful clove

Swaying side by side waiting for it’s love

That never comes because it is ever so loathing

Looking for  it’s clothing

That is ever so appealing


Leaking out of a faucet comes warm water,

That hits the sink, making it hotter.

Going down the tube into circulation

Making it’s way to open speculation


A dog is barking fiercely

I am sitting sadly

Bleak it is before my daddy

Comes and becomes my buddy

For a day, with his steady, steady

Boat that makes me happy


Cooking a meal for me, he struggles

He knows I have had better days

There is nothing more to do

I must sit and stew

The furry within reaches my numb brain

I would yell but it would be a strain


Easy Easy, it is just a little time spent

That ends at a time with good temperament

This is good. I am misunderstood by me,

Who stands before the mirror smiling and free

From the bondage of so so much uncertainty

With a turn of a switch I can see the good


There I was as I stood

Here I am as I should

This is but a beginning.


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