Tragic, yet hopefull

Becoming Shattered

If words
could grab onto a broken heart
and hold it tight
and lift it up
until it was
full again
they would.

are most often 
when they’re used
with evil

One horrid adjective here
a blade sharp phrase there
and add a pinch of
haughty laughter
and you’ve done it.

you’ve successfully created the 
recipe of human downfall.

Be careful
you who eat this meal daily
the words you’ve used
the people you’ve abused
those are their souls you’re destroying
in your quest to quench your desire. 

And in your gluttonous hatred 
of life in others grows
the more alone you will become
for the people around you 
will desert you
and one day 
and your words
which you placed so much 
trust in,
will turn on you.

Because if they can’t feed on the people
around you
they will have to satisfy their…

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