Poems of the Inner Spark

Dead Body:


I lay in the basement

My body is cold

Bugs eat at me

The blood has been dried for weeks


As people search my house

I wait for them

They make their way down to me

The see me laid on the ground


After their shock the make their way

They get me a bag

I lay in the bag

I wait till a lady opens the bag


She tests me body to see

To see why I am stiff

The they close the bag

Until I reach the casket


They put makeup on me

They put a suit on me

I am looked at by my loved ones

Then the close me up


I am now buried six feet under

I am now bones

Bugs have taken my body

I am content

 Poems like this can be found in my book, “Poems of the Inner Spark”, which can be found at.








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