January 6, 2014

Jim fields' Weblog

Jesus vs google

In a world where the answer to just about anything is just a Google search away, it’s no wonder that it can be so difficult to trust in someone or something that is almost always vague at best, and downright ambiguous much of the time otherwise.

It just seems that with answers at the tips of our fingers we don’t always do so well at allowing some mystery in our lives, and we don’t always like faith because faith calls us to believe where we cannot see and know and understand.

But…those of us who follow Jesus find that the more we give attention to Jesus the more is revealed to us.  That doesn’t mean we have any special knowledge – the Gnostics of old thought along those lines – it means as Reuben Job said:

“Whenever we take a step toward Christ, he responds in a way that tells…

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