Do you believe it?

The Truth.

The Blacktop Prophet

You are not always going to get your way but you might get your turn.

Not everyone makes it. Not everyone succeeds or excels or gets the opportunity to acquire and celebrate in the manifestation of sustained success. Not everyone gets “the girl” or “the guy” or “the part” or “that” car, house, job, opportunity, or even the chance, to experience what is most often touted as the “good life” or the “finer things”. Not everyone acquires fame or fortune or popularity to an extent or status of celebrity or stardom beyond an audience of immediate surroundings. Some people don’t even get that noticed. Some people live their entire lives in obscurity and in the isolation of not ever being or becoming what they set out to be or do or what it was said that they could have, according and due to potential or talent or inherent skill, been…

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