Dear Everyone That I Miss Dearly,


how about this.

I haven’t seen you in forever!

But you already know that

I wish you had time

I had time

to catch up

I feel like we are barely connected

How about you?

Man, my nerves are on edge.

I wish I could talk it out with you

You know

like old times.

But those times are dead and gone;

they are no more

Remember the time

we shared secrets

and memories

an you said hi to me in the hall

and you texted me;

you appreciated my being

and my friendship.

we laughed together,

You were my friend,

We were there for each other,

made time for each other…

but you’re busy…

with your watching TV…

Man, I’m ready to blow!

But you’re too busy ignoring

You won’t mind if I go

Because you didn’t mind leaving

me hanging on a ledge,

holding on for dear life,

looking over the…

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